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We specialise in producing comprehensive fire risk assessments.


More than a fire risk assessment, an Udston fire risk assessment is a total fire safety management system, which has been tried and tested throughout the country.

The combination of quality, low cost and client support makes Udston Fire the company to use.

If you have been served with an fire safety enforcement notice then, call Udston. We can help prevent costly enforcement action and put your company back on track.

As an employer or as someone who has control of a workplace you must take steps to ensure that you have what is known as a 'suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment' in place.


 Udston Fire Risk Assessment






We offer the following services:

  • Fire risk assessment (FRA) completed by the methodology contained within PAS 79.
  • FRA reviews
  • Fire Safety Audits
  • Fire Strategy and Procedures.

Premises covered by the fire safety legislation may be inspected or audited by an enforcement officer to ensure compliance with the law (in most cases the enforcing authority will be the local Fire and Rescue Service).

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